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A safe creative space where mistakes are welcome, mess is encouraged, exploration is permitted, chaos is reorganised, patterns are found, change is possible, laughter is shared, surprises are expected and tea is drunk

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A mother daughter duo who are passionate about bringing creative arts to community groups in an accessible and friendly way




My career beganĀ as a textile designer, but it was theĀ time I spent home schooling my children and facilitiating creative workshops for other homeschooling families and for my local community which opened my eyes to the value of providing a creative space for people of all ages. Creative activities are powerful, and can be transformative. This belief was strengthed during my art therapy training, especially through my work on my wn art journals, multi-media paintining and sculpting with wax and fabrics, all of which enforced the realisation that these provided a safe place to explore and express my inner world. My life’s mission is to make these healing and vibrant activities available to a wider public.




I genuinely believe that being creative has been a vital and valuable outlet at different stages in my life. It has been my safe place and guided me through difficult times. Being creative is a rewarding and valuable process to go through. This belief was strengthened by experience of working as a team member of a touring sustainable woodland project, enabling the general public to creatively engage with nature. When I had finished college and university I missed keeping art journals, and realised how important it was to me to keep going with this technique using a variety of creative methods such as photography drawing and collage, through choice rather than necessity. I want to pass this on to other people.

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